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Steel Disc & 2006 Penny Keychain Hand Stamped "Lucky Us"; 16 Year Anniversary Gift, Couples Keychain

$ 16.95
Color: Copper
  • 2006 penny keychain, gift for best friends or couples,
  • Perfect gift for couples anniversary, 16 year anniversary gift
  • Packaged on a card with saying "What a Lucky Year!"
  • Metal: US Penny, copper coin; Stainless steel disc
  • Hand made, hand stamped Item, Net Weight: About 20 g.

This penny keychain has a large silver disc behind the penny with LUCKY US stamped on. The silver disc is stainless steel and has some weight to it. The silver disc is almost 1 1/4 inches across. Because these are hand stamped no two keychains are exactly alike adding to their uniqueness. Great gift for an anniversary! The card it comes with says "What a Lucky Year!"

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