If you're in the US then standard shipping is a flat $3.49 regardless quantity, and you could receive your item in 4-8 business days


Handing Time

We get all our orders to the post office within 1-3 business days unless it is an express item in which case we mail it same day or next business day.  See below for shipping timeframe.


Domestic Shipping  (USA & Territories)

Standard Shipping

    • Cost: $3.49 (Flat rate regardless of quantity)
    • Timeframe: 3-7 business days (Timeframe not guaranteed by USPS)

Express Shipping

    • Cost: $22.95 (Actual shipping cost, we don't take a cut!)
    • Timeframe: 1-2 business days (Timeframe guaranteed by USPS)


International Shipping

Standard International Shipping

    • Timeframe: 2-3 weeks (Not guaranteed by USPS)
    • Costs:
      •     Asia: $15.00
      •    Australia: $15.00
      •    Canada: $12.50 (time frame is 4-6 weeks for Canada)
      •    Europe: $15.00
      •    UK: $15.00

Taxes, Duties, Customs

  • International: Taxes, duties, & customs are to be paid by buyer upon receipt of their order if there are any. If you are located outside of the US please inquire from your local post office the custom fees you will need to pay before you place your order.


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