If you're in the US then standard shipping is a flat $3.49 regardless quantity, and you could receive your item in 4-8 business days


Handing Time

We get all our orders to the post office within 1-3 business days unless it is an express item in which case we mail it same day or next business day.  See below for shipping timeframe.


Domestic Shipping  (USA & Territories)

Standard Shipping

    • Cost: $3.49 (Flat rate regardless of quantity)
    • Timeframe: 3-7 business days (Timeframe not guaranteed by USPS)

Express Shipping

    • Cost: $22.95 (Actual shipping cost, we don't take a cut!)
    • Timeframe: 1-2 business days (Timeframe guaranteed by USPS)


International Shipping

Standard International Shipping

    • Timeframe: 2-3 weeks (Not guaranteed by USPS)
    • Costs:
      •     Asia: $11.00
      •    Australia: $9.50
      •    Canada: $6.50
      •    Europe: $11.00
      •    UK: $6.50

Taxes, Duties, Customs

  • USA: (We only need to collect taxes for Utah orders, as that's where we are also located)
  • International: Taxes, duties, & customs are to be paid by buyer upon receipt of their order if there are any.


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