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Around the beginning of the year 2013 my wife Natalie started going crazy making jewelry as a hobby! My mother-in-law fed her addiction by coming over and crafting together with her on her time off from work. Natalie got into it so much that before she realized it she said she had, in her own words; "spent too much money on it for being just a hobby". Partially feeling a little guilty and wanting to recuperate costs, and partially feeling a little ambitious she opened her Etsy shop and dedicated many long hours, days, and months promoting her work. It started to pick up Christmas 2013 and at about that time she pulled me into helping her do metal stampings on key chains and necklaces for her business.

We still run her business right here from our home here in Draper Utah. We’re excited to be working together as a family with such a fun project as this, and we're grateful for the small group of friends and family members we have helping us!

We love being able to create memorable gifts that can help bring people together anywhere in the world. Because most of our items are purchased as gifts for others we feel in a small way we're helping spread more kindness, and the world needs more of that! It’s awesome, and we love what we do, and we're excited to see where this adventure takes us. We hope you like what we have to share!

-Jeremy Brown

(The Husband)


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