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Lighthouse Keychain - Lost Without You; Couples Keychain

$ 4.95

This keychain is a great gift for your significant other or best friend. Order 2 and you can each carry one to remind each other of your relationship. The card it comes with says "I'd be lost without you". The lighthouse piece is a little over an inch long.

From the drop down menu you can select to add a custom engraved tag to the keychain.  If you select to add the custom engraved tag let me know in the notes at checkout what you'd like engraved on the tag according to your selection. The heart and circle tags are about 1/2 inch across. The rectangle tag is stainless steel and is 1 1/2 inches long and 3/8 inches wide.

If you select for just initials the tag will be hand stamped and can have a total of 3 characters stamped, like "R&B”. If you select to also add the date the tag will be laser engraved. Please note: I don't have a "plus" sign stamp, so if you leave a note with a "+" between the initials, I will stamp it with a "&". I also don't have any lower case letters. So the just initials option will be stamped upper case like it is shown in the photo. Laser engraved tags can have a plus sign and lower case letters.

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