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Anniversary Gift • Personalized "Hooked" w/ Anniversary Date Engraved on Aluminum Tag & Fish Hook Charm Keychain, Backside Options

$ 19.95

This keychain can be customize engraved with a date of significance to you. The keychain includes the hook charm. I can engrave "HOOKED ON YOU" or "HOOKED" or "HOOKED SINCE" or whatever you'd like as long as it will fit. Once you'd added this item to your cart you will see a box to leave notes to me. Let me know in the notes at checkout what you'd like engraved on the tag.

Buy two and share as a couple with your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. The tag is made out of solid aluminum and is very lightweight. The tag size is 1 7/8 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. There is a brushed texture on the tag. 

This tag is 1/8 of an inch thick and can also be engraved on the backside. You have the option to have one side only engraved or to have both sides engraved from the drop down menu. There are 3 options from the drop down menu for the back side to be engraved: with initials engraved on the back, with 1 row engraved on the back, or with 2 rows engraved on the back.

The last photos show some of the things I've done on the backside of the tag. If you want just your initials (a maximum of 3 characters, like: J&N, select "With Initials on Back" from the drop down menu. If you want more than 3 characters engraved on the back in one row, like, a name, or a word select "With 1 Row on Back" from the drop down menu. If you want a second set of coordinates engraved on the back, or a short saying on the back select "With 2 Rows on Back" from the drop down menu. 

So the drop down menu options are:
** One Side Only: this is to have 2 rows engraved on just one side of the tag.
** With Initials on Back: this is to have the 2 rows engraved on the front side and for a maximum of 3 characters engraved on the back side.
** With 1 Row on Back: this is to have the 2 rows engraved on the front side and 1 row only engraved on the backside.
** With 2 Rows on Back: this is to have 2 rows engraved on the front side and 2 rows engraved on the backside.

The last photo shows the coordinates keychains I make as well. These are a great addition to the other side of the tag. Coordinates to signify a location of importance to you and the receiver of the gift.

If you'd like the coordinates on the back I can do a city or a specific address. Let me know the city or the address and I can look up the coordinates. If it's a business address please let me know the name of the business as well. Or if you know the coordinates you can just tell me those.

Keep in mind how coordinates work when you leave me your coordinates. Negative signifies "south" on the first set of numbers, and "west" on the second set of numbers. So when a "W' is used the negative is not used. And when a negative is used then the "N, S, E, W" symbols are not used. So make sure that the coordinates that you leave for me don't have both a negative in the front and a "W" at the end. Choose which style you prefer. For example they can be:




If you send me the coordinates I will use those just as you send them to me. If you send me a number without a ºN, ºS, ºE, ºW, I will leave those off.

I use google maps to look up the coordinates from an address. Where the marker is when I put in the address is the spot I will get coordinates for. If you know that the marker is in the wrong place send me a snap shot with the mark in the exact spot you'd like.

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