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Double Keychain Set 2015 Penny Keychains with Engraved Heart Around Year; 7 Year Anniversary Gift, Couples Keychain

$ 15.95
Color: Copper

Rated 5 stars on Etsy

"It is really amazing, and i think you guys should really get one." -Crystal

  • 2015 penny keychains, Anniversary Gift for Couples, Birthday Gift, etc.
  • Perfect gift for couples 7 year anniversary, or Best Friends Gift
  • Packaged on a cards with saying "What a Lucky Year!"
  • Metal: US Penny, copper coin
  • Hand Made Item, Engraved, Net Weight: About 20 g.

Two 2015 penny keychains with an engraved heart around the year. These are great gifts for you and your significant other on an anniversary! The cards they come on say "What a Lucky Year!"

If purchasing with customization please note the following:
I don't have a "plus" sign stamp, so if you leave a note with a "+" between the initials, I will stamp it with a "&". And all dashes (-) and slashes (/) will be stamped with a dot (·) centered from top to bottom. I also don't have any lower case letters. So they will be stamped upper case like it is shown in the photo. And if needed, for space when stamping the date to the left of the heart around the year I will remove the place holding zeros before the month and day.
The backside of the penny cannot be stamped. When I stamp on one side the other side gets a little bit smashed and the letters push through a little bit to the other side creating bumps. Also the image on the backside of the penny is flipped so the image on the backside of the penny hangs upside down on the keyring. Because of these reasons I don’t stamp on the backside of the penny.
Pennies are made of copper and will age naturally over time to an antique color.
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