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Personalized Double Set Penny Keychains Hand Stamped with Custom Initials and Heart Around The Year with Options for Adding a Date

$ 17.95

Rated 5 stars on Etsy

"Penny was new and shiny. Engraving is perfect/clear. My husband loved it for our Anniversary! Thanks" -Pamela Hershey

These two hand stamped pennies are great gifts for you and your significant other! I have three card choices: "Lucky to have found you!" and "Lucky to have you!", and "What a lucky year!". You can choose the year when you first met or got married or any year of significance to you. Heart Around Year & Initials  is for a total of four characters stamped. For example: R&R and the heart around the year.

From the drop down menu you have 4 option to select for what is stamped on the penny:

*** Just Heart Stamped: This option is for just the heart stamped around the year on the penny.
*** With Initials: This option is for initials stamped on the penny and the heart stamped around the year.
*** With a Date: This option is for a month and day to be stamped on the penny as well as the heart stamped around the year.
*** With Initials & Date: This option is for initials to be stamped, and a month and day stamped to the left of the heart stamped around the year. 

Please Note:

  • I don't have a "plus" sign stamp, so if you leave a note with a "+" between the initials, I will stamp it with a "&".
  • I also don't have any lower case letters. So they will be stamped upper case like it is shown in the photo.
  • If the year you'd like isn't in the drop down menu select "other" and leave a note letting me know what year you'd like.
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